Our Mother of Peace Athletics

As a product and natural extension of the academic program, the OMP athletic program adheres to the basic tenets of the school's philosophy. Guided by the philosophy, the athletic program's mission is:

  1. To provide an avenue outside of the regular school day in which to teach Catholic values and promote the Gospel message.

  2. To provide witness to student athletes on Catholic values and the Gospel message.

  3. To enhance the academic, social and spiritual development of our students.

  4. To foster an attitude of participation, sportsmanship and self-discipline in every student/athlete.

  5. To promote social, physical and emotional fitness among every student/athlete.

  6. To teach student/athletes how to deal with success and adversity in a Christian manner.


Pre-K-8th grade


5th grade-8th grade


5th grade-8th grade


7th & 8th grade


5th grade-8th grade


5th grade-8th grade


5th grade-8th grade


OMP Volleyball Game Gym Protocols

*Doors will open 15 minutes before scheduled game time or when the prior game is over and the gym has been sanitized.

*Fans Must have their tickets to be allowed entrance. Tickets and admission fee will be taken at the door. You will also receive a mark upon your hand to signify that you have paid.

*Everyone's temperature will be checked prior to entry

*Face coverings and social distancing must be maintained during the entire competition. (LHSAA rules)

*Visitors and Home Fans will have specific areas of the bleachers to sit. This will be labelled. Please Practice social distancing. Families in the same household may sit by one another. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO SIT IN THE BLEACHERS IN THE AREA ABOVE THE PLAYERS.

*All children will have to sit in bleachers with their guardians- absolutely no running in the gym or playing in the gym lobby.

*As of now, NO concessions will be sold.

*When the game is over, everyone must exit the gym immediately through the designated door. (There will be a sign.) This is the ONLY door that can be exited out of.

*If you have children playing multiple games you will have to exit, then reenter the gym. The mark/stamp on your hand will denote that you have already paid so you will not have to pay again. That being said, you must have a ticket for each game if you are attending multiple games for multiple students.

*Admission: $5.00 Adults/$1.00 Students

Please follow all guidelines so we can continue to have fans at our games!!!!